Help Out With Earth Day Celebration

Edible San Marcos will have a booth at the 3rd Annual Aquarena Earth Day Celebration at the Aquarena Center on April 25 from 11 AM to 6 PM. We will be promoting gardening, CSA’s, Farmer’s
Markets and raising your own food as part of a sustainable life style.

Would you like to help out? You may have planted your spring garden and have extra seedlings, or every member could start some tomato, pepper and even swiss chard plants to give away at the event as this would help tremendously.

Start the seeds on March 7-14. If you are planting chard make sure to soak it overnight first. You can use old pots from last year but they need to be cleaned appropriately or you will spread diseases . Wash them with a brush and hot soapy bleach water. Make sure to use seed starting mix not potting soil. Potting soil has too many nutrients in it and is too heavy for the seeds. Fill the containers and press the soil down firmly. Wet the soil then add your seeds,and mist with a sprayer.

If you are growing your seeds indoors make sure that you pet them each day by running your hand lightly over the tops of them. This will make the stems nice and stocky as you are simulating the wind. Transplant the seedlings when they have two leaves. These appear after the first set of cotyledon leaves.


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