Edible San Marcos to help feed the community

As a food and gardening organization not only do we want to help and educate individuals growing great food but we want to give back to our community especially the people that help us every day. The San Marcos Community Garden, located behind St. John’s Catholic Church, is home to at least 30 family vegetable gardens. The property is actually owned by the Church but they kindly let us garden there all year round. The Church is a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a society of men and women who strive to help people in need everyday. The church and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul run a food bank that gives food to the community. 

In our effort to give back to the community and the people of St. John’s Catholic Church, we are joining forces with the members of the Community Garden who are supporting this endeavor by letting us have a 20’x20′ plot to grow veggies which we will in turn donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank.   

We are starting from scratch so there is lots to do for anyone that wants to help out.  

  • We need to turn the beds and prepare them for planting
  • Transplant what we have in pots and start other seeds
  • Mulch walkways 

If you have extra seeds, plants or mulch we will gladly receive them. 

Someone from Edible San Marcos will be able to lead volunteers on Tuesday, Thursday, most evenings and weekends. You can always email us if you have a spare half hour or more and want to go and do some work.

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