Start Saving Money Now

If you get your water from the City of San Marcos, you have a chance to make a big impact on your water bill for the next year. We are in the middle of what is called winter averaging.  It is a great thing that the city does and it gives us a chance to gain control of  our water bills.  Our sewer charges are calculated for the following year off of our consumption for the months of December,  January, and February.  So you get a chance to lower your bills for the entire year.  It is great that this is done in the winter when most people are not watering their lawns. This is the precise reason why the City of San Marcos choose to do it in the winter and not the Summer.

How Do I Benefit Most From Winter Averaging? Conserve all you can during the three months of averaging.  It will pay off all year long.  And hopefully you will continue you good trend of conservation.  We have given you tips all year long on water conservation, now is the time to put them in place if you haven’t started.

Remember to capture the water while you are waiting for it to get hot in the shower.  It is clean potable water and can be used in many places.

Replace all of your aerators with low flow models.  Most bathroom sinks are typically at 2 gallons a minute and you can buy a 1 gallon a minute for pennies and never notice the difference.  The same with the shower heads.  I use a 1.5 gpm shower head and love it.

Water consumption in the shower is huge.  Take the gallons per minute that your shower head uses and multiply the amount of time you spend in the shower.  If you spend 5 minutes x 2 gpm = 10 gallons, or 300 gallons in a month, yikes!   I have devised a game to get me out of the shower quicker.  Play beat the clock. I have a minute timer in the shower that counts down in seconds.  So I set the time.  And I try to beat my time every day.  If you have a big house you can have competitions!  It really gets you moving faster and this is coming from someone who has been known to take long showers.  I am under 5 minutes including shaving legs, and getting better everyday.  What is your top score!


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