What’s In Your Garden

Are you aware of your surroundings in your garden?  It is the very small subtle things that can make such a bit impact sometimes.  You have to remember that a garden is it’s own little habitat with microorganisms, and bugs all working with plant cycles and nutrition.

Pay attention to your garden when you are weeding as there are many beneficial insects in the garden that you may not want to disturb.  The picture above was a toad hanging out between some chard and sage.  He was doing a great job of camouflaging himself.  I went to pick some peas in the garden the other day and had green lacewing eggs on one of the peas.  The green lacewing is a beneficial insect so I left the pea until the eggs hatch out.

At the Saint Vincent De Paul garden on Bobcat Build Day, we came across a yellow lady bug when weeding.  We left that weed for another day and let her stay there in peace.

Both lady bugs and lacewings eat hundreds of aphids and soft bodied insects.  If I had not been paying attention I would have killed the ladybug or the lacewing eggs.

Pay attention to the things that happen in your garden and work with them. Before you shoo away the bird in the garden, see if he is eating the bugs off your plants or the seeds in the ground. Gardening goes so much easier when you work in harmony with nature for all concerned.


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