Tree Care Workshop

We have a special treat this month for our meeting.  Vincent Debrock from Heritage Tree Care is going to be our guest speaker.  Many people have trees in their yard and do not know how to properly take care of them.  And there has been an ever increasing number of people planting  fruit trees. Come to the meeting at the San Marcos Public Library on Thursday May 20, from 7-8:30 PM and learn about tree care.

Mr. Debrock is a Certified Aborist in San Marcos.  We are very lucky to have someone with such expertise living right here in our community!

He is going to cover such topics as:

  • Gardening/landscaping around Trees
  • Basics of Tree Care
  • Proper Mulching Practices
  • How to Deal with Light Issues and Danger of Thinning a Canopy too Much
  • Source of Stress for Trees and Implications (Susceptibility to Insect and Disease Attacks)
  • Nutrient Contents and Texture of Common Soils of Central Texas
  • Caring for Fruit Trees in Central Texas
  • Question and Answer Session

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this wonderful workshop. We want to show Mr. Debrock our appreciation for coming and speaking!  There will be door prizes at the workshop!

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