We have been busy as beavers over the last few months.  We have had booths at many venues.  We went to The Green Living Fair in San Marcos, The Earth Day Festival at Texas State University and The Earth Day on Texas State University. We planted a myers lemon tree at Hernandez Elementary School for Arbor Day.  Then Hernandez Elementary School had a Science Expo and that was a big hit.  We had Eco night in the park in San Marcos.  There was the benefit for FARFA (Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance) in Austin called the East Austin Farm Tour.  If you are not familiar with FARFA it is a wonderful organization that protects independent farmers and ranchers who need a voice. FARFA makes sure that unnecessary burdens are not put on our food production and that local food has a chance.  FARFA is helping to educate people about making healthy choices and preserving the traditional way of living.  Edible San Marcos has been a big supporter of FARFA and you can follow all that is going on at their site. Four Farms participated in the fundraiser for FARFA.

The farm tour was a big success.  The four farms that participated in the East Austin Farm Tour were, Boggy Creek Farm, Springdale Farm, Hausbar Farms and Rain Lily Farm.   There were also many local wine and liquor  companies at the tasting. There were local musicians there as well.

What was it all about?

There was a chance to tour the farms and get a close up look of the operations first hand.  There were tastings that came from each farm at each farm. There was wine, beer or a drink to pair with the tastings.  There was music and a lot of lovely conversation.  All in efforts to raise money to protect our food.  I was very impressed at all of the farms.  I stayed at Boggy Creek the entire Day but I did get a chance to peek at the other farms and they were lovely.  Please check out their websites and farm stands when you are in Austin.

We are so very fortunate to have all this local food at our fingertips.  It is nice to go and meet the local farmers and get their take on what makes the world go around.  Talk about their favorite vegetables and what produces best for each of us.  Just plain fun!

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