Meet Lexy

Lexy with a walking stick


Lexy just graduated from Gary Job Corp with a degree in Human Services.  I really enjoyed working with Lexy this past six months. Lexy always had a mission to find a bug and play with it in the garden.  When she was on her break. In the photo above she is getting a kick out of the walking stick posing.

She really enjoyed learning at the garden. With her joy of bugs I was a little concerned how she would take it when we had to get rid of some of the bad bugs. After I explained to her that grubs turned into June bugs she had no problem getting rid of them.  The chore was even sweeter when I told her that the grubs were given to chickens instead of  being squished.  Next thing you know she is helping others get over their issues of bugs.

Students at Gary  Job Corp are required to do 150 volunteer service hours.  Lexy had done over 500. She kept on coming out to the garden and volunteering just because she enjoyed it so much.

I asked her why she like to come out to the garden and what it has done for her. Lexy replied,  “I like doing stuff in the garden. After Grandma died I didn’t get to do it anymore. She lived in Victoria.  It taught me that people didn’t know what corn and stuff was any more because they are not around it anymore.”

Lexy is your typical well rounded young adult.  Her favorite thing to do is read a book, eat something sweet  like iced teas and oreo’s. She also likes Animae.

I hope you come out to our workdays with Gary job Corp on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 -190:30 AM at the St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank located  at 624 E Hopkins in the San Marcos Community Gardens behind St. John’s Church.  Please check the web site in the winter especially for cancellations due to weather and a slower planting season. This is also a great way to learn about gardening while having fun and developing relationships with others.


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