Order Organic Onion Transplants Now



Edible San Marcos has ordered 1000 organic short day onion transplants to help you out this season.  The only way to grow organic onions is to start with organic starts.  Think about it, the onion starts off  from the transplant.  You end up eating what you planted in the beginning.  This should be a lesson to you when you shop at the farmer’s market as well.  Ask you farmer where he purchased the onion sets that he planted. Organic onion starts are not easy to obtain.  You must be on your toes and think ahead.  Remember that if you are planting something in your soil that is not organic,  the chemicals remain in your soil for four years.  You are then no longer organic.  Therefore be wary of farmers that are non shall ant about planting onions that are not organic as many other practices may fall by the wayside as well.

About ordering Organic onion starts from Edible.   We did this as a service to our members to help you out.  There is no mark up at all.  The cost is  6 cents per transplant and it is on a first com first serve basis.  Email me at Ediblesanmarcos@gmail.com. You will receive a return email. The plants will arrive in the first week of January.  They need to be put in the ground right away. We have ordered them from Walkers Organic Farm . They had an unfortunate freeze on their farm in Georgia but they managed to get our order out since we are a non profit and it is just to help our local gardeners!  Thank you Walkers!  We will have a drop off day at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday so it is central and you will be able to pick them up.  Happy Planting!


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  1. I am a small beginning organic farmer in the mountains of north central New Mexico. I am looking for onion transplants that do not have to be sent accross the country. Can you help? I do not have a farming website setup yet, but do have one that shows my alternative energy and sustainable home design and building company.

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