Mendez Elementary School Garden

Mendez Elementary School

Mendez Elementary School

Well the year ended with a bang.  Hays County Juvenile Center with the help of John Griffis came out early on December 23 and helped Edible San Marcos with a dig in at Mendez Elementary School.  The kids at Mendez have been wanting a garden very badly.  The second grade teacher Mr. Adam Voglewede was key in getting the garden started.  He had gardening experience as a child and this fostered his gardening movement. Mr. Voglewede had told his students that the area where they wanted the garden may look different when they get back from break.

When we got to the school to work on December 23, the kids surprised us, instead by putting a sign in the window thanking us for helping them. When we saw the sign it about brought tears to our eyes.  It stopped us all in our tracks. It made us thankful for helping out the little children. Their appreciation was the biggest Christmas gift anyone could have ever wanted. Edible San Marcos and Hays County Juvenile Center worked very hard to surprise the little children.  We wanted the kids to be surprised when they came back to school.  We were hoping to have the hard work of digging the beds done so that the children could concentrate on the planting.

The boys from H.C.J.C. had fun on December 23.  It was a brisk morning. Before long there were stories of families that had raised chickens.  Next thing you know I am hearing “Maim, look at the size of this earth worm!” Earth worms got tossed to and fro a little bit but did not get harmed.  The grub worms got removed and saved for the chickens.

I brought a lemon bunt cake for the boys to eat and they loved it.  They did not go for seconds because they didn’t think there was enough to go around.  Once they were assured that there was enough for all, it was gone in seconds.  Then fresh oranges went down quickly. It was a great day.  Afterwards I went and looked at their garden site.

You should come out on a dig in sometime, or volunteer at one of our schools.  It is so enriching.  Rest assured you will leave with a smile on your face.  I am thankful that we were able to help so many children this year.  If you aren’t able to dig or volunteer on site, you can make donations.  It takes money to keep our programs running. We also need volunteer to do office work. It can be done from your own home, or from our office.

Have a Happy New Year and we look forward to growing with you!

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  1. What a fantastic idea! As a Mendez Elementary parent with 2 children attending there, I am so excited about this. I feel it is imperative for children to grow up being connected to the food they eat, and observe the cycles of growing it and the seasonality of it. Thank you, Edible San Marcos, Mr. Volgewede, and HCJC for this incredible gift for our children!

  2. Here is a site that helps a lot when working with people that you need to volunteer to do or supply something. It is called and it like an event participation tool. You create an event and add specific tasks or requirements. You also add what they call participants (people that are part of the organization or group that will potentially volunteer to help). After adding the participants an email is sent from the site with a link to your event. The volunteers follow the link and see all the needed help and can sign-up just by clicking on an open one. It’s really easy and lets everyone see at any time what is still needed.

    I’ve used it as a class parent when we needed parents to send in items for a class party. Instead of sending a note home with the kids, I created an event and listed the items we needed (cups, plates, juice boxes, cupcakes, cookies … etc). I added the parent’s emails from the class list and the site sent out an email. Each parent was able to go online and see the items still needed, they could sign-up for whatever they wanted to send in. It saved a lot of time and saved people from sending in the same things.

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