Alternative Transportation In San Marcos

photo by Suzi Fields

Dear Edible San Marcos,

The citizens of San Marcos have a great reputation for improving their own quality of life. You will often see the same people over and over again if you garden, bike, attend the farmers markets, and swim in the river.  All of these activities have many positive benefits for the health of our bodies, our minds, and our environment.

We all have different reasons for choosing alternative transportation in this community and it is undeniable that the bicycle community in San Marcos is growing.  My name is Judith and I am the Alternative Transportation Manager at Texas State University. I graduated with a Geography degree from Texas State, I proudly never bought a parking permit from the University and my main mode of transportation was and still is bicycling. As a student I worked at the Bike Cave for two years repairing bikes and now I work towards the mission of getting people on bikes and bus.

I have been watching many citizens make positive changes in this community by joining bicycle advocacy groups, recommending changes to the city about transportation policies for safer biking infrastructure, and coming up with ways for people to get around more easily.

We have The Bike Cave on campus which sells discounted used bikes and parts. It provides training and facilities for bike repair during the week.  There is new up and coming San Marcos Community Bike Project that just leased a space at 408 S LBJ that may need volunteers (which you may have seen at the San Marcos farmer’s market on Saturdays.) Matt Akins, the founder of SMC Bike Project, has also started making small and large bike trailers for people to use for transporting garden supplies, dogs, groceries, and you name it.

Whatever your reasons are for biking in and around San Marcos, it’s helpful to know how to maintain your bicycle, so we can all keep San Marcos riding. The Bike Cave is proud to provide a training class every Wednesday during the semester to the public. Re-Build a Bike is instructed by Sean Welch, and it covers basic bicycle maintenance as well as major adjustments and repair. This class will provide you an opportunity to build a bike from the ground up. Taking this class helps the Bike Cave help you and is offered at a great value of $5; you can also help get the word out by getting a 2011 “I Bike SMTX” Bike Cave t-shirt. For more Information about the Bike Cave and its upcoming activities in the community, visit the website.

Thank you,

Judith Wilson


One Response

  1. What do you mean by “building a bike from the ground up” in Re-build a bike. Are we shown how to repair a bike or make one of our own?

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