Best Food Fits

Here at Edible San Marcos you know that children are very important to us. That is why we are so determined on making sure that we have good gardens in our schools for our kids.  We want them to learn about nutrition from the beginning.  We feel that if they learn young then they have a chance at keeping the good habits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Our school gardens continue to be a success and now we have another partner to introduce you to, Best Food Fits.  It is a research project funded by the Texas department of State Health Services and is headed by Dr. Sylvia Crixell and Dr. BJ Friedman in the Nutrition and Foods Program of Texas State University.

The primary goal is to improve the health if children by reducing the risk for obesity.

The ways that this goal is obtained is by ;

1. Increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables

2. Decrease the intake of sugar sweetened beverages.

Best Food Fits got buy in from local restaurants, when they were approached to make their menus  healthier for children.  I am personally glad that our local restaurants are on board with this, it makes it easier for you as a parent to go out when you have healthy choices for your children. Below are a list of the participating restaurants and as more come on I will add them so you can take your family out and have a nice dinner out that may be a little healthier!

1 Grin’s Restaurant

2. Palmer’s Restaurant

3. Cool Mint Cafe

4. Euro Cafe & Market

5. El Rey de Pollo – El Rey de Pollo is located at 209 North IH 35

6. The Coffee Pot Bistro

7. Mana’s Restaurant – Mana’s is located at 807 Alabama Street

8. Rogelio’s Restaurant – Rogelio’s is located at 625 S LBJ Drive

9.  Asian Garden

10. China Palace Buffet – China Palace Buffet is located at 900 Bugg Lane

11. Gil’s Broiler – Gil’s Broiler is located at 328 North LBJ Drive.

12. Herbert’s Taco Hut – Herbert’s Taco Hut is located at 419 Riverside Drive.

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