Join Us For Our Annual Meeting

You are cordially invited to the first annual meeting of Sustainable San Marcos

Sunday, March 6  3-5pm

The Tap Room Meeting Room, 129 E. Hopkins

So you want to find out more about our organization and get involved.  Or maybe you just want to meet more like minded people.  Well here is your chance. This is a great way to find out what is going on and have a great impact on future policies and events in the city. Come out and spend a little time getting to know us and having fun.

Sustainable San Marcos (SSM) was founded 3 years ago to help residents of San Marcos “live an earth-friendly lifestyle in their home or place of business”.  Realizing that there were many areas that needed addressing, we (Steve and Debbie Harvey, Tom Wassenich, Mark Taylor and Betsy Robertson) formed SSM as an umbrella organization, with 4 areas of focus:  Food, Waste, Transportation, and Energy.   The Food committee has evolved into Edible San Marcos a highly successful organization in its own right, spearheaded by Suzi Fields.  To encourage waste reduction, we formed Waste Not San Marcos currently co-chaired by Daniela DeJongh and Matt Akins.  Transportation and Energy have not yet become separate entities and are covered by our core group.
In our short lifetime we have been very effective at educating citizens and encouraging public policy.  We were instrumental in getting out information about single-stream recycling and encouraging its extension to multi-family residents.  We have had numerous education booths at conferences, on the Texas State campus, in the public schools and at the last three Earth Day celebrations.  Edible San Marcos has published an informative monthly newsletter, started 3 gardens at public schools and is now working to create a network of community gardens.  And we have accomplished the hard work of incorporating the organization and achieving 501(c)3 approval.
Now it’s time to “take it to the people”, to expand our horizons.  We invite you to join us in a quick review of our progress and to participate in setting priorities for the future. There will be light refreshments and Jo Secrest of the City of San Marcos will update us on the City’s sustainable initiatives.  All are welcome. Bring a friend.


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