Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Spray

Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Spray

Antibacterial Kitchen Surface Spray


This is a great antibacterial disinfectant spray.  It is good to keep in a bottle and wipe down your counter tops before you cook or just general wiping up there is no rinsing needed.  If you want some cleaning power added on put a teaspoon of liquid castile soap in the mix and you will be scrubbing the dirt and fighting germs at the same time.   If you do not prefer one scent then add equal amount of one of the others listed.  They are all safe for the kitchen and antibacterial.


1 Drop Eucalyptus Essential Oil

3 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil

2 Drops Thyme Essential Oil

3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

2  3/4 Cup Water


Mix Oils and water in a spray bottle. Shake well before you use and wipe off with a sponge or a dry cloth. Store mixture away from heat and light.


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