Canning Blog

Shelia Bustillos Reynolds has taught canning classes for Edible San Marcos twice now and she is awesome.  She has started a canning blog called “Put a Lid on It”.  Make sure to check out the link.


Spring Blooms Volunteers

Bobcat Build 2011

We have had a busy year so far.  Our school gardens have been doing quite well but they were in need of a helping hand. The school year became quite busy and Bobcat Build came along  on April 9 . It is a great time of  extra help from the students at the University.  They are very eager to help. It is so helpful for the people of the community as well. We had over 72 volunteers help us this year.   They came out to the gardens at Hernandez Elementary, De Zavala, Mendez Elementary, St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank Garden and the Community Garden.

Working at Hernandez

On top of it all we had a booth at the Farmer’s Market on April 9 and Carrie Davis from Davis Photography watched our booth for us.

Hernandez Garden

After that Earth day was right on our tail.  Carolyn Gonzales and Michelle Purvin helped us out at the Earth Day Booth this year.  Pam Priest thank you for coming out to help at the gardens. To all of our volunteers, thank you, we could not do it without you! And to our teachers thank you for teaching our children and guiding them each and every day. 

Nature Walk and Plant Identification at the Nature Center

On May 23 from 6:30-8:30 pm we will learn how to use a dichotomous key to identify woody stem plants. You will receive a hand out. We will be at out new home the Nature Center located at 430 Riverside Drive. This will be a great meeting place with lots of room inside and out close to our mission. Bridgett Phillips will be our guide for our walk and teach us how to use the dichotomous key to identify plants.  We will walk around the nature center and surrounding areas.  We will be having a brief meeting afterward with job descriptions for new officers to be elected. Come and join in on the fun, sign up to be a volunteer or an officer today as well.

Tomato Contest


A contest can be a lot of fun so we are challenging you to grow tomatoes, and we want to see pictures.  Take pictures of your first tomato of the season.  The person with the first outdoor tomato, not in a greenhouse will win a pack of heirloom tomato seeds. Send your photo with the date into

There is another contest for the plant with the most tomatoes on it at one time, take photos.  Count the tomatoes, and take pictures we want to see how many you have on the plant at one time.  The deadline for the number of tomatoes will be Deadline is July 30.

At another point this summer we will do the biggest and best tasting tomatoes where we will have a judging downtown. So stay tuned.  As you can tell we are interested in your garden.  We want to get pictures and see how your garden is growing. Send in pictures so we can share your garden with others.

Join Us For Our Annual Meeting

You are cordially invited to the first annual meeting of Sustainable San Marcos

Sunday, March 6  3-5pm

The Tap Room Meeting Room, 129 E. Hopkins

So you want to find out more about our organization and get involved.  Or maybe you just want to meet more like minded people.  Well here is your chance. This is a great way to find out what is going on and have a great impact on future policies and events in the city. Come out and spend a little time getting to know us and having fun.

Sustainable San Marcos (SSM) was founded 3 years ago to help residents of San Marcos “live an earth-friendly lifestyle in their home or place of business”.  Realizing that there were many areas that needed addressing, we (Steve and Debbie Harvey, Tom Wassenich, Mark Taylor and Betsy Robertson) formed SSM as an umbrella organization, with 4 areas of focus:  Food, Waste, Transportation, and Energy.   The Food committee has evolved into Edible San Marcos a highly successful organization in its own right, spearheaded by Suzi Fields.  To encourage waste reduction, we formed Waste Not San Marcos currently co-chaired by Daniela DeJongh and Matt Akins.  Transportation and Energy have not yet become separate entities and are covered by our core group.
In our short lifetime we have been very effective at educating citizens and encouraging public policy.  We were instrumental in getting out information about single-stream recycling and encouraging its extension to multi-family residents.  We have had numerous education booths at conferences, on the Texas State campus, in the public schools and at the last three Earth Day celebrations.  Edible San Marcos has published an informative monthly newsletter, started 3 gardens at public schools and is now working to create a network of community gardens.  And we have accomplished the hard work of incorporating the organization and achieving 501(c)3 approval.
Now it’s time to “take it to the people”, to expand our horizons.  We invite you to join us in a quick review of our progress and to participate in setting priorities for the future. There will be light refreshments and Jo Secrest of the City of San Marcos will update us on the City’s sustainable initiatives.  All are welcome. Bring a friend.

Best Food Fits

Here at Edible San Marcos you know that children are very important to us. That is why we are so determined on making sure that we have good gardens in our schools for our kids.  We want them to learn about nutrition from the beginning.  We feel that if they learn young then they have a chance at keeping the good habits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Our school gardens continue to be a success and now we have another partner to introduce you to, Best Food Fits.  It is a research project funded by the Texas department of State Health Services and is headed by Dr. Sylvia Crixell and Dr. BJ Friedman in the Nutrition and Foods Program of Texas State University.

The primary goal is to improve the health if children by reducing the risk for obesity.

The ways that this goal is obtained is by ;

1. Increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables

2. Decrease the intake of sugar sweetened beverages.

Best Food Fits got buy in from local restaurants, when they were approached to make their menus  healthier for children.  I am personally glad that our local restaurants are on board with this, it makes it easier for you as a parent to go out when you have healthy choices for your children. Below are a list of the participating restaurants and as more come on I will add them so you can take your family out and have a nice dinner out that may be a little healthier!

1 Grin’s Restaurant

2. Palmer’s Restaurant

3. Cool Mint Cafe

4. Euro Cafe & Market

5. El Rey de Pollo – El Rey de Pollo is located at 209 North IH 35

6. The Coffee Pot Bistro

7. Mana’s Restaurant – Mana’s is located at 807 Alabama Street

8. Rogelio’s Restaurant – Rogelio’s is located at 625 S LBJ Drive

9.  Asian Garden

10. China Palace Buffet – China Palace Buffet is located at 900 Bugg Lane

11. Gil’s Broiler – Gil’s Broiler is located at 328 North LBJ Drive.

12. Herbert’s Taco Hut – Herbert’s Taco Hut is located at 419 Riverside Drive.

Mendez Elementary School Garden

Mendez Elementary School

Mendez Elementary School

Well the year ended with a bang.  Hays County Juvenile Center with the help of John Griffis came out early on December 23 and helped Edible San Marcos with a dig in at Mendez Elementary School.  The kids at Mendez have been wanting a garden very badly.  The second grade teacher Mr. Adam Voglewede was key in getting the garden started.  He had gardening experience as a child and this fostered his gardening movement. Mr. Voglewede had told his students that the area where they wanted the garden may look different when they get back from break.

When we got to the school to work on December 23, the kids surprised us, instead by putting a sign in the window thanking us for helping them. When we saw the sign it about brought tears to our eyes.  It stopped us all in our tracks. It made us thankful for helping out the little children. Their appreciation was the biggest Christmas gift anyone could have ever wanted. Edible San Marcos and Hays County Juvenile Center worked very hard to surprise the little children.  We wanted the kids to be surprised when they came back to school.  We were hoping to have the hard work of digging the beds done so that the children could concentrate on the planting.

The boys from H.C.J.C. had fun on December 23.  It was a brisk morning. Before long there were stories of families that had raised chickens.  Next thing you know I am hearing “Maim, look at the size of this earth worm!” Earth worms got tossed to and fro a little bit but did not get harmed.  The grub worms got removed and saved for the chickens.

I brought a lemon bunt cake for the boys to eat and they loved it.  They did not go for seconds because they didn’t think there was enough to go around.  Once they were assured that there was enough for all, it was gone in seconds.  Then fresh oranges went down quickly. It was a great day.  Afterwards I went and looked at their garden site.

You should come out on a dig in sometime, or volunteer at one of our schools.  It is so enriching.  Rest assured you will leave with a smile on your face.  I am thankful that we were able to help so many children this year.  If you aren’t able to dig or volunteer on site, you can make donations.  It takes money to keep our programs running. We also need volunteer to do office work. It can be done from your own home, or from our office.

Have a Happy New Year and we look forward to growing with you!