Florida Predatory Stink Bug – Euthyrhynchus Floridanus

Florida Predatory Stink Bug – Euthyrhynchus Floridanus

This predatory stink bug is usually found in The Southeastern Quarter of the United States.  Fortunately for us they have found their way to our part of the country.

They are generally black and red in their 2nd instar stages but they may be all red as well.  What is really wonderful about these magnificent creatures is that they eat the southern green stink bug.  You know that nasty creature that we have problems getting rid of, smelly and nothing will touch it once it gets old! Florida stink bug to the rescue.  They also like to devour the colorado potato beetle, orangedog, diaprepes root weevil, and the velvetbean caterpillar.

The eggs are barrel shaped just like a harlequin bugs eggs except the eggs are darker.  The eggs are about 1mm in diameter and the female lays about 20-90 in a cluster at a time. They are usually laid on the underside of a leaf.

These young stink bugs do not have wings or mouthparts to chew with.  They have sucking mouthparts with a tubelike piercing action.

These hungry little guys go through 5 instar stages before they become an adult. They go through their entire life cycle from egg to adult in 58 days.

They are most bountiful in spring and fall.


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