Homemade Gel Ice Packs

Alcohol Ice Bag

There are a few different formulas here.  They all work great. Take your pick according to what is most convenient to you or what you have on hand.

For all of the recipes use Glad freezer bags.  They seal the best, ziploc or generic may leak.  Use a slightly larger freezer bag around the first to keep any leaks from occurring or sweating from happening.  If the outside bag is too tight they will sweat.

Alcohol Gel Packs

2 Cups Water

1 Cup Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka

Glad Freezer Zip bags

Pour Alcohol or vodka in bag, add water, seal bag.  Put a larger second bag around the first and seal it.  Shake and freeze.  this is very pliable and freezes well.  It is important not to let children or pets suck or drink the rubbing alcohol as it is toxic.  If you feel this may be an issue then use vodka. You may also use food coloring to tint the water or you may use water that you boiled beets in if you want natural color!

Dish Soap Gel Packs

Bottle Dish Soap

Glad Zip Freezer Bags

This recipe was originally made for palmolive but any dish soap will do just fine.  I have a friend that just pulled one out of the freezer after 2 years! It had finally seen better days. The point is that these recipes work! You are not going to believe how easy this recipe is either.  Line a mason jar with the zip bag so that you do not get the dish soap all over. Put the soap in the bag. Seal. Put another bag over the top, seal and freeze.

Corn Syrup Ice Pack

1 Bottle Corn syrup

Glad Freezer Bags

Pour syrup into quart bag and freeze. Do not use sugar free syrup.

Rice Bag Hot or Cold Pack

White Rice

Tube Sock Or Material

Put rice in sock or material, you may add a few drops of essential oils if you wish. Sew shut and freeze.  Old sheets or pillow cases work great.  You may also heat them up in the microwave.  Dual purpose, now your talking!

Peas and Corn Please

Bag of Frozen Peas or corn


Mark a bag of frozen peas so that they are not used for eating.  Peas and Corn both work wonderfully for an ice pack.


10 Responses

  1. Nice post keep post about ice packs…

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing the different way of making home gellice packs.
    Its a meaningful discussion here with you.

  3. Cooked rice?

  4. I like your ideas but had to laugh a bit at the statement about choosing between rubbing alcohol and vodka…. that the rubbing alcohol could be toxic to kids if they get into it, you could use vodka instead….I am sure what you meant. Vodka at that amount could be as dangerous as the rubbing alcohol don’t you think? Not nit picking, promise!

  5. Nam, you realize that this blog is devoted to making things cheaply at home don’t you? Why come here to plug a company? Next time, tell your company to buy an ad on Google Adsense. Spamming blogsis just bad form.

    BTW: Love the suggestions for low cost gel pacs. Some of us are watching every penny.

    • We are GLAD she takes the time to give us insight so I can get ready for my double surgery. Glad you don’t need one!

  6. I tried the soap gel ice pack. Didn’t have dawn dish soap. I used cascade and it worked out OK. Will try dawn next time.

  7. Wet a sponge squeeze out most of the water put in the fridge in a ziplockj

  8. Nice post. Thanks for sharing the post. Rice Hot and Cold Gel Packs are good for skin.

  9. Try mixing 1 cup corn syrup and 1 cup dishwasher gel. They stay cold longer yet still remain pliable.

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