Bucket Gardens

Your bucket gardens are depending on you for all of their nourishment.  Make sure to give them a dose of good organic fertilizer every 3 weeks.  Put it around the base of the plants and then mix it in.  You can then put some compost on top for added nutrients and moisture control if you like.  Remember to keep it watered but not soaking wet.  If you have a bucket garden with squash in it refer to May’s issue of The Sprout to fight off Squash Vine Borers and Squash Bugs.

Here is what our local stores carry:

Amkon carries Lady Bug Organic All Purpose Fertilizer  and Organic All Purpose Fertilizer

Garden-Ville carries Buds and Blooms and Soil Food Select

Lowes Carries Organic composted cow manure


One Response

  1. I wanted to give you an update on my bucket garden. You gave me one with basil and tomato and they are both growing like gangbusters!! I recently moved from an apartment to a house so I was able to transplant them both into larger containers and they continue to thrive. I had my first bite of basil recently and it was great. Thanks so much!

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