Just click on the link of your choice below for a nutritious recipe. Recipes with a V are vegan recipes. All recipes are vegetarian.

Almond Roca

Anti-Inflammatory Garden Fresh Filling  V

Beans and Greens  V

Broccoli a La Greque  V

Caponata  V

Cool Cucumber Dip V

Crunchy Kale Chips  V

Cucumber and Watermelon Chiller  V

Curried Greens  V

Easy Roasted Garlic  V

Good to Be Green

Green Beans V

Grandma’s Cole Slaw  V

Gramma’s Banana Bread

Hawaiian Cole Slaw  V

Herbed Scottish Shortbread

Indian – Style Okra and Tomatoes  V

Poblanos In a Pinch  V

Raw Beet Salad  V

Raw Vegan Sour Cream  V

Red Soup  V

Roasted Winter Color  V

Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments

Snap Pea Soup  V

Suzi’s Easy Garlic Scape and Parsley Risotto

Suzi’s Four Cheese and Kale Pizza

Sweetest Dip Ever  V

Swiss Chard Cole Slaw  V

Low Fat Basil Pesto

Microwave Popcorn for Pennies  V

Naturally Sweet Stir Fry   V

Tabouli  V

Vegan Sweet Potato Soup  V

Winter Vegetable Soup  V

Yogurt Cheese




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