Yogurt Cheese

yogurt cheese

Herbed Yogurt Cheese

Making Yogurt cheese came as a request from a yogurt making workshop that we had.  Making yogurt cheese from your own yogurt is very simple to do. You can change it up and make different spreads by making them either sweet or savory.  Thy whey that comes off the process can be used to bake breads, muffins, or cakes. You can also use the whey to cook rice or use in soups or stews.

Use the yogurt cheese in place of sour cream or cream cheese. You determine the thickness that you want it to be by the length of time you strain the yogurt.  You have complete control!

You can use yogurt cheese to bake with as well.

Do not put yogurt cheese in a food processor or a blender, fold ingredients in gently.

The finished product will be about 1/2 to 1/3 of what you started with depending on the thickness that you desire.

Yogurt Cheese is very simple and easy to make.  When you are buying yogurt to make yogurt cheese make sure that you buy yogurt with no gelatin or thickeners.

1.  Take a strainer and set it inside of a bowl or pan.  Make sure that there is enough room for liquid to settle on the bottom with out touching the strainer.  You do not need to be concerned if the strainer is metal or not because you are done culturing your yogurt at this point.

2.  Line the strainer with 8-10 layers of cheesecloth or I use the dishtowels that are cotton and do not have fuzz on them.  They are perfect and you only need one layer. They are called feed sack towels.

3.  Pour the yogurt in the towel, twist at the top and set towel in the strainer. Set the strainer in the pan.

4. Put the pan that contains the yogurt and strainer in the fridge for 12-24 hours depending on the thickness desired. Don’t forget to save the clear liquid, that is the whey, full of nutrition. Twist the towel every once and a while to speed up the process. If you are twisting or squeezing too hard the liquid will start to become cloudy or white. This means that you are getting some of the yogurt.  If this happens just be a little gentler.

4.  Remove from the towel and add herbs, fruit or nuts if desired.  Be gentle when adding ingredients. Or use the cheese in cooking.





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  1. Another way to use the cheese–called labna in Middle-Eastern cooking–is to put it in a container with a layer of good olive oil on top. I like to add a few red pepper flakes as well. Don’t stir. This is a great dip for pita bread or crackers.

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